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Apart from the materials discussed separately, balls are made as standard in a variety of other materials. Some of the more common materials are listed here.

Stellite (Cobalt Chrome)

Stellite balls are made in a small range of sizes, and are used in a number of specific applications. The material provides a useful combination of properties in that it is metallic, conductive, non-magnetic, has good hot hardness and shock resistance, and corrosion resistance. Where precision balls are required with combinations of these properties, Stellite often offers the most effective solution.


Used for a number of medical applications, body jewellery, and some industrial applications, titanium balls are available in a small range of sizes. The low hardness ~40 HRC, limits the precision to which balls can be made, but where other properties of titanium are necessary they can often be used effectively. Titanium balls can be supplied in medically approved grades, and for decorative applications can be supplied with coloured surfaces.

Brass and Bronze

Brass and bronze balls are made in a good range of sizes, and are often used in gas applications where non-sparking materials are specified. They are also used in decorative applications.

Other Materials

Balls are also made in:




 PTFE (Teflon)




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